Optical Power Meter Fiber Optik Toolkit Fiber Optic Tester OPM Biru FO

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Alat ukur redaman kabel fiber optik. Optical Power Meter Fiber Optik Toolkit Fiber Optic Tester OPM Biru FO Handheld Optical Power Meter /laser source/Visible red light source(VFL) series products are mainly used for continuous optical signal power measurement,Low power microprocessor is used for control,The OPM has the advantages of fully functional and reliable performance. Widely used in optical fiber construction and maintenance, optical fiber communication, optical fiber sensing, optical CATV and other fields. Instrument mould adopts advanced cold shell molding process; beautiful and durable, Instrument mould Design meets Ergonomic requirements. The OPM uses the built-in detector, which can be protected well. With a small shape, you can choose the backlight display and automatic shutdown function, with ultra wide optical power testing range.

Maintenance Telecommunication
Maintenance CATV
Test Lab of Fiber Optic
Optical fiber sensors

Support linear mW and nonlinear index dBm simultaneous display
Support automatic shutdown
Support backlight selection
Support user self-calibration
Support restore factory settings
Working time is longer than 120 hours